Harlan Jacobson Reports from The Croisette #2

A quick note from the far turn as of Monday May 18, 2015

Best films by far have been:

Son of Saul, a Hungarian film that practically places the camera in the face of a Jewish sonderkommando inside the gas chambers at Auschwitz. In a historical genre that has been virtually exhausted, a young, first time director, Laszlo Nemes, a protégé of Hungary’s master director Bela Tarr, practically flattened the Cannes audience and left it feeling lucky to be alive.

Carol, in which Todd Haynes captures the 1950s Mad Men climate, a man’s world in which the taboo of gay love, starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett, is unthinkable – until it isn’t. The Weinstein machine is gearing up for a run at the you know whats next February.