Talk Cinema Travels to the World's Great Film Festivals

Guided Tours to International Film Festivals
Hosted by Harlan Jacobson and other noted film critics, scholars and travel experts

What you can expect: Superb itineraries + service + a curated movie-going experience
Talk Cinema Travels creates unique travel experiences that combine a love of movies with a chance to immerse yourself in a special destination.  Our 2020 destinations include: Cannes, Munich, San Sebastian, Vancouver and Thessaloniki.  Each tour offers our signature mix of film-going, sight-seeing, and enjoying local cuisine and culture.

Film Festival travel offers movie lovers and travel aficionados a perfect double play: guests have a curated cinema immersion and uncover the riches of a gorgeous destination.  Harlan invites movie lovers to step into the extraordinary, discover culture and talent, make new friends, and create lifelong memories. Group size is generally limited to 10-20 travelers, which allows us to offer customized attention to each guest.

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