Harlan Jacobson

"I pick films that are worth a serious look by a serious crowd into having some serious fun." 
- Harlan Jacobson, Founder, Talk Cinema

Based in New York, HARLAN JACOBSON covered the entertainment industries for seven years for VARIETY, edited FILM COMMENT for eight, and for 30-plus years has written about film worldwide. His work has appeared in: The NEW YORK TIMES, The WASHINGTON POST, The LA TIMES, USA TODAY, NEWSDAY, The TORONTO STAR, The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL, The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, The BOSTON GLOBE, The NEW DEMOCRAT, The TATLER, INTERVIEW, The VILLAGE VOICE, CINEASTE, ROLLING STONE, The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, LePOINTE, THE BOSTON PHOENIX, DETAILS, on NPR's "Morning Edition,” the CBC’ s "The Arts Tonight," CNN’s NEWSNIGHT with AARON BROWN, WNYC’s All Things Considered, WFUV-FM, WBGO-FM and more.