Talk Cinema's Ron Falzone Discusses The Big Country, directed by William Wyler

The western is the most muscular and malleable of all genres and, as such, it has attracted great directors over the years.  Some, like John Ford, Anthony Mann and Budd Boetticher are so linked to the western that it comes as a surprise to see movies with these names attached that have nothing to do with horse, a gun, and a flower-faced girl.

Talk Cinema's Ron Falzone Discusses Some Came Running, directed by VIncente Minnelli

If we are to believe what the small town melodramas tell us, then every village and burg dotting the map is filled with deviants, hypocrites and mothers pretending to be their child’s aunt to hide the “shame of illegitimacy.” To mix a metaphor, these stories are all about ripping the lid off small town America and exposing the seamy underbelly.

Talk Cinema's Ron Falzone Discusses Bull Durham, directed by Ron Shelton

The Coronavirus has impacted everything.  For many Americans, the loss of two pastimes is particularly irksome:  Sports and sex.  And it’s even more acute at the moment because it is spring, the season for both baseball and nookie.

We frequently turn to the movies to provide us with those things we feel are missing in our lives.  If so, could there possibly be a better time to watch Bull Durham.