Harlan Jacobson reports on Sundance Film Festival 2021

Like Toronto, NY and other film festivals, Sundance in the Plague Year was virtual.  It reduced its scope and crammed 73 films into six days. Nothing unspooled, it all streamed digitally, with 28 satellite drive-in sites scattered around the country. Here in the East it was freezing, and we got the snow Park City didn’t.

Midnight Run by Martin Brest

The buddy action film is one of the key genres in the movies.  It is also one of the trickiest.  Meant to appeal primarily to men, they too often substitute wisecracks for characterization, violence for insights.  Worst of all, they constantly push macho buttons as a way of avoiding the horrible fear that someone might find the relationship on display as (gasp) homoerotic.

The Ten Commandments by Oscar B. DeMille

There comes a moment in every movie when you have to decide whether you are going to stay the course or go looking for something else to do.  This doesn’t always mean that the movie has given you a great scene to grip your heart, or a bad scene that makes you wonder if doing a puzzle of a polar bear eating vanilla ice cream in a blizzard might not be a more rewarding use of your time.  It simply means that your attention ha