FRIDAY May 15, 2015

The big question gets answered—sort of. How did Mad Max: Fury Road, the 4th installment in Australian director George Miller’s saga –which began in the 1980s with Mel Gibson--of life in a post apocalyptic world do with film critics at the 68th Cannes film festival here in the land of Cinema?

French film 'Dheepan' takes top prize at Cannes

CANNES - The French threw the world a film party and then ate the cherry on top of the dessert.

Dheepan - about a Tamil Tiger who quits the Sri Lankan revolution, creates a makeshift "family" with two other refugees, and flees to Paris, where he lands a job as a building superintendent in the lawless suburbs - took the Palme D'Or, the Golden Palm, at the 68th Cannes Film Festival Sunday night.