Harlan Jacobson Previews The Oscars 2020

Ratings for the Oscars have fallen off a cliff in recent years, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has done everything but one to stop the slide: be first out of the gate. In the year of the plague when nothing was released in theaters, the Academy always after every other conceivable awards pageant, didn’t jump forward but instead catapulted backwards to the end of April, 2021.

Harlan Jacobson reports from The Cannes Film Festival 2021: Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch

CANNES, Saturday July 17 –
By Harlan Jacobson

Waiting for The French Dispatch, which held over for a year from the Cannes that wasn’t in 2020, has been talked about in some circles as one of the key cinema torments of Covid 19, not equal to the dislocation if not outright suspension of animation and death of civilization, but definitely in the mix.

Harlan Jacobson reports on Sundance Film Festival 2021

Like Toronto, NY and other film festivals, Sundance in the Plague Year was virtual.  It reduced its scope and crammed 73 films into six days. Nothing unspooled, it all streamed digitally, with 28 satellite drive-in sites scattered around the country. Here in the East it was freezing, and we got the snow Park City didn’t.