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About Talk Cinema

Talk Cinema, Inc., co-founded in 1992 by Harlan and Susan Jacobson, is the nation’s most inclusive and longest running sneak preview and discussion program.  Talk Cinema’s audiences get to be among the first to see a new movie and discuss with special guests – seeing films the way critics and industry insiders get to do at film festivals.

Talk Cinema offers a curated series of surprises.  The films included in the program may be an indie comedy, a provocative documentary, a foreign language Oscar-nominee or the next breakout mainstream hit.  Screenings are introduced and followed by moderated conversations hosted by Harlan Jacobson and other film critics and speakers of note.

In 2020, you may Talk Cinema in Bryn Mawr, Highland Park, LouisvilleMinneapolis, New York's Roxy Cinema Tribeca, Philadelphia, and Scottsdale.