Talk Cinema Travels to the World's Great Film Festivals

Guided Tours to International Film Festivals

Hosted by Harlan Jacobson and other noted film critics, scholars and travel experts
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Filtering life through a movie lens, Talk Cinema Travels helps you discover exciting destinations including San Sebastian, Reykjavik, Havana, Jerusalem, Cartagena, and Kerala, to name a few of our favorites. 
Each tour offers our signature mix of film going, sight-seeing, enjoying local cuisine and culture.

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Harlan Jacobson, film critic, programmer, and the creator of Talk Cinema Travels, is a cinema-savvy travel host.  Harlan has reviewed films and reported on the international film festival scene for scores of news outlets including Variety, USA Today, The New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Film Comment, WFUV-FM, and WBGO-FM.  Since 1992, Harlan has hosted guided tours to film festivals around the world.  Film Festival travel offers movie lovers and travel aficionados a perfect double play: guests have a curated cinema immersion and uncover the riches of a gorgeous destination.  Harlan invites cinephiles and cine-newbies alike to step into the extraordinary, discover culture and talent, make new friends, and create lifelong memories. 

Talk Cinema trips attract enthusiastic travelers who are open to what the cinema frontier has to offer. Tours are coordinated and hosted by Harlan Jacobson with notable critics and scholars who have, since the program's inception, been teacher-guide-leader-host to hundreds of travelers, some of whom have been to as many as 10 different film festivals with Talk Cinema Travels.  Our travel hosts provide guidance, perspective, wit and wisdom on what to see, what to look for, where to turn left and when to duck.



Inspired by the people we’ve met and the cultures we’ve had the privilege to explore, we have expanded our offers to include custom-designed culture immersion tours in India, Iceland, Cuba, and Spain. Guests enjoy daily briefings, demonstrations, classes and volunteer experiences to more fully interact with local leaders and to offer something of value in each of the communities we visit.  

We are briefed by experts in sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, architecture, history, religion and art, while connecting with people of all ages through our service programs; we shop with, prepare and eat meals with chefs; we attend film festivals (as timing permits).

Our expert guides share our commitment to socially responsible travel and open doors to sustainable businesses and pioneering service leaders.    (For every guest that travels with Talk Cinema, a contribution is made to one or more local community service groups.)  Always on the lookout for unique places that are run by job creators who have special ways to welcome our guests into their communities, Talk Cinema Travels includes visits to fair trade groups so that our guests have the opportunity to support and empower skilled artisans.

Groups are generally limited to 10-15 guests, which allows us to offer customized attention to each traveler.

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